UNESCO’s Creative Cities Names Australia’s Adelaide As The Music City

Adelaide, a city known for its creativity and deep-rooted music culture, has been named as the music City by the UNESCO’s creative cities forum. It’s the only city from Australia to have been honored with the music city status. Australia already has Melbourne and Sydney as the official members of the creative cities forum, but they are there as literature city and film city respectively. Other than these big and famous cities, another Australian city Geelong is part of the creative city forum as the design city.

What makes Adelaide special

The South Australian city of Adelaide has always been open to new cultures and have always embraced their creativity. It has also been a host to lots of international events of every kind, from musical and sports events to political events. The inclusion of Adelaide in UNESCO’s creative cities forum has come as a UNESCO’s acknowledgment of the city’s vibrant and diverse music culture. It has also come as an appreciation of the city’s glorious history and universal aspirations.

Adelaide as a Music City

Adelaide has a rapidly growing music industry, which keeps developing itself according to the changing music scene. The city has a whole musical set-up, from world-class music institutions to top infrastructure of musical events. Throughout the year, this South Australian city hosts a large number of prominent music festivals. These aspects of Adelaide were not the only reason for this honor, but the recent developments of making the city more music-friendly have also played their part. Both the governments, state and local have invested a lot of money in the city’s creative and music economy. The number of songs coming out of the city has also increased lately. And the diversity and quality of the music have been of the extraordinary level. The government has also collaborated with educational institutions and private companies to promote music and give the city’s talents a platform to hone their skills.

Music Festivals in Adelaide

One of the things that helped Adelaide in getting this status of a music city is the reputation of the town. It has played the perfect host to numerous international music festivals. Not only international festivals, but Adelaide is also home to several local music festivals which are quite renowned in Australia and overseas too. WOMADelaide, one of Australia’s most famous and most attended festivals, takes place in Adelaide every year. It attracts around 90000 people every year, which puts it in the list of biggest music festivals worldwide. Almost 50 percent of its crowd comes from different parts of Australia, not just the local state crowd.

Adelaide also has the honor of hosting the biggest festival of cabaret in the world. Adelaide Cabaret Festival reaffirms the status of Adelaide as the most diverse city of Australia when it comes to art. The guitar festival of Adelaide is one of a kind. No other guitar festival comes close to it when it comes to the type of guitar players it brings on the fore.