This Australian Band and Their Rainbow Colours – PNAU

Known for their music, PNAU is a famous and widely loved band from Australia. They are a widely appreciated dance music band, and they are more commercially known as one of the best electronic music acts to be seen. The group itself is known to be rather new since its first song was released only in 1999. During the course of the years, the band has released more than four albums, the most recent being the fifth, which is titled ‘Changa’. The album itself has coaxed positive reviews and fellings about the band. Colours have always been a part of the band and its music. The most recent release of ‘Go Bang’, marked the introduction of a new type of mind-bending visuals and colours. ‘Changa’, is a whole new album of more refined and modern-sounding tracks, some of the more popular and well-known tracks include, the colourful pair, ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Go bang’. Which garnered much interest in the band. The songs themselves are immensely colourful and unique, covering themes that many hadn’t thought to cover before, giving the tracks themselves an advantage over others.


Colours, this song took Australia by storm. The music itself took on a tribal and ritualistic feel, pulling in an audience of all ages. Designed as a lead single for the album, ‘Changa’, the track won many awards including an ARIA award for Best Dance Release. The award was a colours achievement for the group. Not only did the song win a prize for the band, but it also peaked at fourth place in the ARIA charts, making it immensely successful for the band. Not only was this track helpful for the band, but it also helped to unearth a new vocal singer in the Australian industry, known as Kira Divine. This newly discovered artist, colourful songs for the trio, one of the band’s and the artist’s joint effort includes the well known and loved, “Go Bang”.

Go Bang

Like its sister song, “Chameleon”, mind-bending Features a wide array of colours and dances. However, Chameleon is a song that focuses and centres on a more tribal theme, and “Go Bang” has a music video with more mind-bending and unique designs and organisms. The music video itself, consists of main graphics, from the paints to the structures and the copies and mirroring techniques used in the video, the song itself was released during late 2017 in October. It was also nominated for most played Australian work in 2019.

Sam Littlemore

As a recent development, the group of two officially became a group of three, as Sam Littlemore, brother of Nick Littlemore, joined the band. So far, the member acted as a co-producer alongside acting as a co-writer for many of the tracks, which acts as a sort of advantage to the band itself. In 2016, little more officially became a part of PNAU, resulting in the release of the hit single together, titled, “Chameleon”. The track, however, was a huge hit, gaining x3 platinum for the band as well as multiple awards and nominations for apple music awards.