The Tamworth Country Music Festival is Top Notch

Most country music festivals are all about the genre and the country lifestyle. However, the unique Tamworth Country Music Festival isn’t just about the genre – it is a legendary spectacle. In January of every year, over the ten days of holidays, the Tamworth Country Music Festival celebrates the genre and every single aspect of the true Aussie lifestyle across every square inch of the city. The entire town is filled with stalls, punters, musicians, artists, buskers, and whatnot. It is by far the second-largest festival that is dedicated to the country music genre in the entire world and comes only close after the Nashville festival. There are over 3000 events as part of the festival with more than 1000 artists who come together to perform. The venues for the music is spread out around the entire town in over 150 locations and has every sub-genre of country music that you can imagine.

The Ranks of The Festival

The festival comes in at the top amongst another internationally recognised festivals in the world in the roc and the country genre. There are a few other music festivals of international standards in the country, and this one sits nicely at the top. The festival is a family-friendly one with events that are both free as well as paid. It is accessible to all ages and kinds of people who can travel to the venues. Being an essential part of the social lifestyle of the country, the government recognizes the festival to be a significant part of the true Aussie lifestyle. Every year, the number of artists who come to the festival has only been increasing, and the fan-base is growing with it.

It is not a small feat when an entire town comes to life in a country to recognize and celebrate a genre of music. The city council also recognises the importance of this festival to the locals and continue to support its growth. Market stalls, jeans-clad locals and cowboy boots are the fun part of the festival apart from the incredible music. There is a big debate that this is the oldest festival in Australia. However, records show that the festival only began in 78’. Considering the magnitude of the crowd that attends this festival, it sure is a debate that it would have been incepted much before.

The Support from The Government

The Australian law has been stringent over recent years with high prices of alcohol. They have instilled severe taxes and licenses to be required by the alcohol venues to follow by making most NSW locals wary of drinking outside. However, the council of Tamworth is highly supportive of the festival and keep the prices of both the alcohol as well as any stalls to a minimum. The entire aim is to promote a social lifestyle and support the coming together with and keeping alive of an iconic music festival. The way they look at it, it increases tourism in the area, and this is a good thing for a town that is most known for this festival. The event is the biggest in the entire town so they could use all the support from the locals to keep the tourism alive here.