The Music Scene in Brisbane, Australia

Australia has some of the most incredible cities in the world. The country has several multidimensional towns which have a great balance of all the fields like music and sports. People talk about Melbourne as the music centre of Australia, but Brisbane is slowly and steadily making the status of being the music capital of Australia its own. Brisbane has developed an impressive underground live music scene in the past few years. The capital of Queensland has had a history of producing world-class musicians over the years.

Brisbane has seen many music movements throughout its history, most notable being the punk music revolution in the 70s. The Saints were the pioneers of this music movement. They showed the way to the next generation musicians and music groups like The Leftovers and Vampire Lovers.  QMusic body, a local music industry, set up by the public funds have also helped in nurturing the local talents and giving them a platform to showcase their music skills. Let’s take a look at some of the music festivals that are fueling the music scene of Brisbane.

Valley Fiesta

Valley Fiesta takes place over three days every October. The Festival features some of the biggest local and international names in the music industry. The venue for the Festival is an exceptional one, the Fortitude Valley. Fortitude Valley is considered the hub of Brisbane’s music scene by many. It can host more than 50000 music lovers inside its premises.

Big Sound

Big Sound has been around the Australian music scene for more than 15 years. It is a unique music festival as there’s no one particular venue for this event. This event takes place at 12 different sites throughout the country over two days. Not only music, but this Festival also hosts speakers from all around the world to speak on the issues that concern them. World’s best music bands take part in this Festival, giving the music lovers an excellent opportunity to fulfil their music appetite.

4 Walls

4 Walls is a unique initiative started by the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries. It’s a music festival run by young talented musicians. It is an all-age Festival where you can find a five-year-old performing alongside someone who is 70 years old. The Festival also allows discussions on different youth-related issues. No music scene can develop or survive without grand music venues. Brisbane has some of the most beautiful music venues which provide the audience with an incredible experience.

The Tivoli and Alhambra Lounge

The Tivoli is one of the oldest music venues in Australia. Built more than 100 years ago, this venue has seen some historical performances over the years. Not only history, but The Tivoli also has an elegant 90s style architecture which gives you both calm and crazy vibes. Alhamra Lounge is the much-needed mid-size music venue that a music city needs. This venue has hosted some international events, along with regular local music events. Along with being a world-famous music venue, Alhambra is also a nightclub. Party lovers from all over the world enjoy their time at Alhambra.