The Incredible Falls Music and Arts Festival in Australia

In the year of 1993, a town named Lorne decided to create the Falls Festival. Lorne was built right alongside Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Simon Daly was the one who decided to create the festival. He had an idea to make his usual celebration for New Years involve his whole community so that they could join in and have fun. The festival only took place for one night at the start.

Simon Daly and his family didn’t expect more than five thousand people, but on the night of the festival, there were over ten thousand people that attended the festival. That year’s festival paved the way for the celebrations that would occur in the future. The success of the festival helped the festival to become a popular one in Austalia.

The Falls Festival’s Growth

In 1995 and 1996, the festival grew significantly. The Daly family’s property couldn’t contain the number of people that were expected to attend, so the council of Lorne allowed them to increase the capacity of the event by two thousand. The increase in capacity helped tourism in the area rise. With the new century coming up, the festival in 1999 was going to be huge, but the weather forced the organizers to move the festival to another town called Torquay, which also had a festival going on. This unfortunate change didn’t scare off the festival attendees though, so the festival was still a blast.

The Falls Festival’s Growth
The Falls Festival’s Growth

The festival in 2001 had bands from other countries pulling out of the event because of the fear caused by 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. On the plus side, local bands had more of a spotlight, and the festival was still a resounding success. In 2003, the success of the festival made the organizers decide to have another festival in Marion Bay in Tasmania. The second festival ran at the same time as the first one, and the bands alternated between each festival each night. The second festival’s opening was to try and get more popular bands to attend the festivals. The festival at Marion Bay had its tickets almost completely sold out in its first year, and it kept improving for three years after that. In the festival in Lorne, there was a problem with recycling that started to get worse for the event organizers. During 2006, the festival took a huge step, and they decided to launch a website for the festival in July of that year. Tickets were sold online on the website and let anyone had the opportunity to subscribe to the festival’s official mailing list. When users subscribed, they were entered into a raffle to get an offer for tickets earlier than the official date a month later.

The Extension of the Falls Festival

Daley decided to launch a party before the festival, which he named the Falls Funk’n’Soul Revue. The festival had an announcement on October in 2009, where they announced that they would be having the party as mentioned earlier before the festival and that would extend it to last from December 28 until the actual festival. The pre-festival party added onto the festival turns the whole event into one that lasts for four days. The entire event would occur from December 28 up until January 1. Every year, the Falls Festival has always been a success with no sign of failure. The festival is continually growing, and it’ll keep getting better and better.