Someone That Australia Still Knows – Australia’s Gotye

The 21st century has seen several Australians come to the limelight, especially in the music industry. The era has seen the likes of Gotye bring out hit songs that are bound to entertain for generations to come. His hit single ‘Somebody that you used to know’ still fascinates music and art lovers alike. The music video has that amazing marriage between art and music explicitly to enthrall fans. The artist is known for his love for the music industry to the point that he does not even wish to take royalties from Youtube for the use of his song. His music channel is one of the highest visited in the world, and the artist has given up a choice to allow Youtube to roll-out adverts on the channel so he can collect the money that comes from it. When artists like PSY from Korea has been able to raise at least $10 million every year in royalties from his channel, Gotye is easily able to decline the offer, in favor of giving his fans uninterrupted music.

For the Love of Music and Fans

The artist has climbed to success the hard way. Whatever be the struggled he faced, he always believed that the music that he makes should be given to his fans without an added clause. The act of selling his music does not interest the artist. The choice of ad-free music is not just constrained to the one song, but any songs that Gotye produces. While collaborating with other forms of entertainment is not what Gotye is shying away from, the act of promoting a product to listen to his music is not something he likes. IF the song is to be used in movies or television, there is a commercial aspect attached to it, and he is happy to help the same.

Where the Passion Stems From

The artist is a 37-year old unlike any you would have met before. He was born in Belgium in 1980 and moved to Australia where he grew up in a small house that was surrounded by trees. He lived in Melbourne for most of his life before moving to Brooklyn, America where he has been releasing his newer albums. His real name is Wouter De Backer. However, he was always referred to as Wally while growing up. Growing up with supportive and wise parents, he has learned to admire and love his family dearly. His interests include everything to do with music, computers and even gardening. As a young boy, Gotye’s home was filled with cats, and there is nothing he would ever change about his life right up to a point. His life has always been and always will be very simple just the way he seems to like it. Driving around fancy cars or living a flashy life is not what Gotye is all about. Instead, he strives to love everything simple about his life and give his fans the music that they love him for. Even as a youngster, the artist was fascinated with the geometric shapes that artists play with. This love for geometry is seen in the music video of his hit single.