Never ‘Torn’ From Australia – The Natalie Imbruglia Story

When Natalie Imbruglia came to London 25 years ago, she had only one dream, to make it big as a pop star. She did not arrive with all the right contacts to give her a boost in the music industry. Initially, Natalie had to even sing in nightclubs to make a living. After struggling for three years, Natalie finally got her break when she received a contract from RCA. She did not disappoint the company as her debut song ‘Torn’ was a massive hit and sold millions of copies throughout the world. Though people in England had seen her familiar face through her hit TV show “Neighbours,” this success was something of a huge accomplishment for her. Her move to England was fulfilled by securing the record contract and creating a hit album the very first attempt. The song and album were received well and drew much praise from critics. However, the fact that her song made headlines in the US was a bigger deal. “Torn” was not just a hit in England but remained on American music charts for weeks.

Natalie was born to a Sicilian origin father in 1975. The love for music was soaked in her very being with the regular visits she paid to the opera from a young age. Natalie’s mom was a teacher in a local school. Growing up with her three sisters in Berkeley Vale, she had a happy and content childhood. She learned various dance forms while growing up including ballet and tap dance. She started her journey towards her dream at just 16 when she accepted work with the TV show Neighbours as an actress. However, she couldn’t handle the pressures of celebrity life as a TV star for too long and opted out of the show after two years and headed to London.

Natalie was rumored to be linked up with David Schwimmer and Lenny Kravitz, but it was her fellow countryman Daniel Johns, a musician, who eventually took her heart. In 2003, the lovebirds finally got married in Australia. It was a challenge for them to balance their life between the UK and Australia. After four years of marriage, Natalie and Daniel decided to part ways to concentrate on their respective careers.

Flying high on the success of her musical career, Natalie also tried her hand at movies. She made her debut in the film “Johnny English” opposite hit comedian Rowan Atkinson. After that, she starred in the Aussie drama “Elise.” But the thing which brought her all her success, songwriting, was always her most prominent dream. Natalie also judged Australia’s version of the talent show X-factor.

Following her brief time in the limelight, Natalie has been struggling with her career in music as most of her latest albums and songs haven’t done as well as she would have hoped they would. However, the world and Australia will always remember and cherish this doe-eyed “torn” superstar for the fighter, dreamer and achiever she has been all her life.