How Underground Blues Music Shaped The Australian Music Scene

The music industry in Australia is excellent. The country has a history with the blues genre of music, and it continues to be a very active part of the original Aussie lifestyle. The number of events in the blues genre every year has only increased with the younger generations following suit of their predecessors, The newer blues bands are always a thriving favorite amongst the locals in the country too. While most other countries don’t give the genre as much of the spotlight like before, Australia continues to grow in the style and keeping with a rich history in music from before.

One of the most predominant musicians from Australia who has influenced the genre is Phil Manning. He is known to be one of the founding members of the band Chain back in 1968. The band is known to have brought the blues genre and made it a favorite amongst the working-class citizens of Australia at the time. The band fostered the underground music scene and became a massive hit during the 70s not just amongst the locals but on the worldwide blues scene. The band held high its name in the genre of Australian Blues and plays a vital part of the Australian Blues Music Festival’s foundation. In fact, an award has been created in honor of the band at the festival and award ceremony.

The History of The Blues Festival Honoring the Genre

Every year, the Australian Blues Festival is scheduled during the end of the summer months in Australia. Over the last 21 years since its inception, the festival has not failed in delivering the true Australian love for the blues genre. The festival itself runs over an entire weekend and consists of acts and performances that are free for the public to enjoy. The festival usually occurs in Goulburn, a city in Australia’s New South Wales that is closer to the famous town of Wollongong. Being an event to recognize and pay tribute to the blues fore-runners in the Australian sector, the Blues Music Festival is a true reflection of the Australian heritage. Every year, one band from the blues genre in Australia is picked to recognize and celebrate. Some of these bands have been around for decades and form a crucial part in the hearts of the locals.

Even though the blues genre has not been a big part of main-line media in Australia, the true Australian lifestyle and the outback culture absorbs the genre like its own. There is a massive audience who are still loyal to the genre. The festival has always been aimed at giving this audience a piece of their history and keeping the genre alive. Many of the old-time musicians were influenced by Elvis, Buddy holly or even Carl Perkins. By keeping the genre alive with the locals, the festival carries with it a mission to become an influence on the budding local musicians in the future as well. Phil Manning might have started the festival; however, the torch bearers of today carry the same light to keep the mission alive.