Bringing Australian Indigenous Musicians to The Front

Many musical genres are famous and popular in Australia and the rest of the world. For a long time, pop music, rock, and hip hop have dominated the majority of the music scene. However, Australian music is becoming more and more diverse and explosive in its creativity with the rise of various indigenous bands and musicians.

The Medics and Emily Wurrumara

More than highlighting the beauty of indigenous music’s revival in the contemporary music scene, The Medics are an aboriginal rock band that aims to address other aspects as well. With the lyrics and rhythm of their music, their goal is to heighten social awareness, connection, and the cultural history of the Torres Strait and Aboriginal Islander as well. The band has won several prestigious music awards such as the “Best New Talent” award given by Rolling Stone in 2013.

Considered a star among the contemporary indigenous music in Australia, Emily Wurramara creates beautiful music. She is an independent and pop artist that was brought to the mainstream spotlight because of Black Smoke, her 2016 six-song EP. Wurramara’s music is described to be beautiful and enchanting with both the vocals and melody blending well together. The unique quality of her musical brand is rooted in her indigenous heritage and personal history. She writes songs both in English and her native Anindilyakwa.

Lonely Boys and DENNI

The Lonely Boys have been brought into the eyes of mainstream Australian music when they have been chosen to open for Queens of the Stone Age’s concert, Splendour in the Grass 2017. Identifying as a bush-punk band fired up with their indigenous group members, Lonely Boys have captured the Australian and international audiences with dance-worthy, vibrant, and playful music.

The fusion of electronic and acoustic music made by DENNI is actually a collaboration between indigenous artists Jamin Pariyar and Denni Proctor. Their music, described as both melancholic and mesmerizing brings listeners to a more profound emotional state. Their music finds its unique flavor in the roots of their heritage and their focus on storytelling and human rights. The musical duo tours around the country playing gigs and collaborating with other local artists. Their music is often featured by Australian broadcaster Triple J in his “Unearther” music series.

Kuren and A.B. Original

Kuren is one of the youngest famous Australian indigenous musicians in the scene. An artist from the small town of New South Wales, he intends to represent indigenous people in the genre of electronic music. He has drawn influence from and has collaborated with other mainstream electronic artists like Flume, Ben Alessi, and Denni. His contemporary and catchy music has been acclaimed by Triple J, known for highlighting the trendiest artists, leading Kuren to be recognized as an “Unearthed Feature Artist.”

Always Black, Original or A.B. Black is a hip hop duo consisting of Adam Briggs, also known by his stage name Briggs, and Daniel Rankine, known in the music scene as trials. Carrying on the rebellious flair and emphasis on social awareness of hip hop music, the hip hop duo raps about the welfare of indigenous people in Australia and other political subjects. Their hard-hitting lyrics are combines with the fresh, brash, and bold melodies of their songs.