An Australian Country Musician With Potential – Rachael Fahim

For those who are continually looking at the American charts for budding talent, here’s a little surprise from the Australian sub-continent. The competition of Toyota Star Maker, whose winners included Rachael Fahim winning in 2017, her biggest prize has been shaking up the charts. She already got her song ‘Brake Lights’ one step closer to being pop-friendly and became a vocal boom whose choruses keep swelling; fit to burst.

Rachael’s Humble Beginnings

Rachael Fahim, a Sydney-born music singer, is working to win her way into the ever-growing music industry and the audience’s hearts. Growing up in Sydney’s outskirts, she loves country music and entered talent quests, gaining rapid acknowledgment of being ‘the country girl from the city’. As a person she never let anything deter her aim to the top. She never even paid heed to anyone who addressed her as the country girl in a derogatory way.

During her school years, Rachael was bullied like other young women, and she slowly turned to songwriting. She found this as an outlet, and she put in quirky and fun thoughts into her songs. She is tiny in stature but the moment she begins singing her powerful voice takes complete control of the scene.

Rachael toured the East Coast of Australia and performed in the country’s big festivals. She released ‘Say It’ her single debut, and it was on CMC Top 30 for several weeks and was on iTunes charts on #1 position too. At the 2015 MO Awards, Rachael acclaimed the Johnny O’Keefe Encouragement Award. She performed at the North Queensland Freedom Festival, Sydney Country Music Festival, and supported Daryl Braithwaite on his 2015 tour shows. She was also the 2015 Toyota Star Makers’ 10 finalists.

Again on Toyota

Rachael performed for the second time at the Toyota Star Maker competition and was paid for her performance by Cherrybrook. She was crowned at the Tamworth Country Music Festival as the 2017 Star Maker, again. This win put Rachael, the 21-year-old close to accomplishing her dream of becoming an artist of country music in association with other early winners like Lee Kernaghan, Keith Urban, James Blundell, and Sam McClymont.

Her dream started when she was eight with her singing lessons. Rachael said her parents always listened to music a lot in the house and she loved music too. As she was growing up, she heard The Carpenters and John Denver a lot. Eventually, Rachael Fahim used music so that she could deal with bullying that compelled her to leave school very early. She said that she got into music seriously in high school when she was undergoing a very tough time being bullied by a group of girls. She threw herself into music and managed to clear through high school years because of her passion for music.

Today, Fahim is in her fourth festival in Tamworth. With each passing year, she gains more new fans and meets more artists. She spends plenty of time at music festivals and on the talent quest circuit presenting a mix of pop and folk-country music. Her career highlights include touring with Daryl Braithwaite, an Australian music legend and a contestant from former X Factor, Taylor Henderson. Fahim owns the Star Maker family part and will perform in the next few months at all major festivals, and will go on a trip to Nashville too.