All About Sia

Sia Kate Isobell Furler popularly known has Sia an Australian songwriter, singer and she is even a producer of records and has directed music videos. She was born on the 18th of December 1975.


Sia started her musical career as a singer in the city of Adelaide with the acid Jazz band crisp during the mid 1990’s. During 1997 when the Crisp disbanded, she decided to release her debut studio album that was titled only see in Australia. She then moved from Australia to London and provided vocals for the British duo Zero 7. In the year 2000, Sia joined into Sony Music’s sub-label Dance Pool and she then released an album her second studio album titled Healing is Difficult a year after. She was unhappy with how the record was promoted. So she moved to Go!Beat and recorded her third studio album Color the Small one. Sia moved to New York City and started tours all over the US. She released two more albums called some people have real problems and we are born in the year 2008 and also 2010. She took a break from performing music and did song writing for other musicians. Her list includes the well known work with Rihanna, Flo Rida, and David Guetta among others. She describes writing for other musicians as play acting.


During 2014, Sia produced another studio album named 1000 forms of fear, and the record was in the US. Billboard 200 and hit the top ten breakthroughs with the song Chandelier and  three music videos that starred the dancer Maddie Ziegler. In the year2016, Sear released her seventh studio album titled This is Actin, and this awarded her first Hot 100 number one single she named Cheap Thrills. Also in 2016, She gave Nostalgic for the present tour which she brought in performance and art elements.


Sia’s music type incorporates the funk, hip-hop and soul music as the bases of her vocal styling. She is said to be easily influenced and the song she made title Color the Small one was entirely derivative of James Taylor and Kings of Convenience she listened to and was played by the Zero 7 while they were on tour. However, her album 1000 forms of fear is a pop album with some influence of reggae, hip-hop, and electropop.


Sia has a lot of accolades to her name including ARIA Awards, MTV videos music award as well as a whopping nine nominations for the Grammy Awards.


Sia is a Vegan, and she has participated in an advertisement for PETA Asia-Pacific alongside her dog Panter to encourage the act of pet neutering. She also joined other famous and well-known figures for the campaign in protest against large-scale pet breeding. Sia is bisexual, and she believes that she’s just been flexible and it’s not about the gender its about the people. Sia suffered a lot from addictions to alcohol painkillers, depression and had also contemplated suicide as she is said to have gone as far as writing a suicide note. Sia married Eric Anders Lang a documentary filmmaker at her home in palm springs California in August 2014, and they separated in 2016. When asked about being religious she said she believed in Higher Power and she called it Whatever Dude. She also stated in an interview that she is a feminist and Whatever Dude inspired in the song she wrote for Rihanna’s song titled Diamonds. A tattoo on her left hand also reads whatever dude.