All About Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue world-renown actress and singer that has topped the international pop and dance charts with her famous tracks “Can’t Get of My Head” and “Slow”. Kylie was born on 28th May 1968 in Melbourne, Australia. Started her career as a TV actress in her local area, in a soap opera “Neighbors, starting in1986.” as a young girl playing the Charlene character. She stepped on to singing and made a hit with our popular cover “The Loco-motion,” publicized by L. Eva.

In 1988, Minogue furthering her career joined the musical team of Aitken, Waterman, and Stock, where she dropped her first album, Kylie Minogue became a world known singer after various singles and dance-pop albums with a fan base all over the world, she, unfortunately, left the Stock& Co., team. In 1997 she released another album titled Impossible Princess with her collaboration with Nick Cave, playing with a more indie sound. She solidified her standings as a notable international celebrity when she dropped the album Light Years with the song “Spinning Around” which also made her prominent in the world of electronica and dance In 2000.

Minogue dropped Fever, in 2002, a famous international hit with the single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. The single was number 1 on the dance chart and number 3 on the Billboard pop charts, making waves in the united state”. Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Slow, Get Outta My Way and Better Than Today are the first series of songs by Minogue to tweak the top dance charts, in the past few years. Monique in 2004 dropped her fourth studio work Body Language. She was treated for breast cancer during her Showgirl tour the following year and went on leave for some time to receive medications and surgery. As a result of her diagnosis report, the charity donations for Breast-cancer experienced an upsurge with many women requesting for enlightenment on the disease.

In 2007 after her treatments, she released the album X, with the songs All I See Is you and 2 Hearts. Minogue did a remix album with raucous “Boombox” and released a live album from New York, a wild musical featuring production like Chemical Brothers and Fischerspooner in 2009. She also dropped another album Aphrodite with a lead single All the Lovers in 2010. In 2012, Kylie marked her 25th year in the musical world and also landed on the dance charts as the number one with her track titled “Time Bomb.” In celebrations of her 25th anniversary, she put out a great-hits compilation and The Abbey Road Sessions, which has been formerly fixed to orchestral settings.

Minogue is topping the list in Australia, United Kingdom, and other countries for years, with more limited output in the United States and has sold over 80 million Cds. Minogue has appeared in several movies over the years, including 2000’s Moulin Rouge, 1989’s The Delinquents, Jack and Diane, and Holy Motors in addition to her successful music career.