Great Male Artists from Australia
Keith Urban

Born in New Zealand, Keith Urban is an Australian singer who has performed at various country festivals since he was 10-years-old. After signing with EMI in 1990...


Great Female Artists from Australia

41-years-old Sia is one of the great female artists from Australia with a successful singing, songwriting, music video directing and record producing career.


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This Australian Shaped The Indie-Scene From The Second Row
BY Colin

Mick Harvey is undoubtedly a household name for fans of music off the charts. The Australian has been musically active for 40 years now and has decisively shaped several bands during this time. The musician, singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and record producer is a prominent part...

Australian Aboriginal Music
BY Colin

The group of indigenous Australians includes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia. These people saving the pre-colonial heritage of Australia and still today they live in closed communities to maintain their very different lifestyle. Besides many other things, these groups are protecting...

The Music Scene in Brisbane, Australia
BY Colin

Australia has some of the most incredible cities in the world. The country has several multidimensional towns which have a great balance of all the fields like music and sports. People talk about Melbourne as the music centre of Australia, but Brisbane is slowly and...

This Australian Band and Their Rainbow Colours – PNAU
BY Colin

Known for their music, PNAU is a famous and widely loved band from Australia. They are a widely appreciated dance music band, and they are more commercially known as one of the best electronic music acts to be seen. The group itself is known to...

The Incredible Falls Music and Arts Festival in Australia
BY Colin

In the year of 1993, a town named Lorne decided to create the Falls Festival. Lorne was built right alongside Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Simon Daly was the one who decided to create the festival. He had an idea to make his usual celebration for...

Never ‘Torn’ From Australia – The Natalie Imbruglia Story
BY Colin

When Natalie Imbruglia came to London 25 years ago, she had only one dream, to make it big as a pop star. She did not arrive with all the right contacts to give her a boost in the music industry. Initially, Natalie had to even...

An Australian Country Musician With Potential – Rachael Fahim
BY Colin

For those who are continually looking at the American charts for budding talent, here’s a little surprise from the Australian sub-continent. The competition of Toyota Star Maker, whose winners included Rachael Fahim winning in 2017, her biggest prize has been shaking up the charts. She...

Someone That Australia Still Knows – Australia’s Gotye
BY Colin

The 21st century has seen several Australians come to the limelight, especially in the music industry. The era has seen the likes of Gotye bring out hit songs that are bound to entertain for generations to come. His hit single ‘Somebody that you used to...

How Underground Blues Music Shaped The Australian Music Scene
BY Colin

The music industry in Australia is excellent. The country has a history with the blues genre of music, and it continues to be a very active part of the original Aussie lifestyle. The number of events in the blues genre every year has only increased...

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is Top Notch
BY Colin

Most country music festivals are all about the genre and the country lifestyle. However, the unique Tamworth Country Music Festival isn’t just about the genre – it is a legendary spectacle. In January of every year, over the ten days of holidays, the Tamworth Country...

UNESCO’s Creative Cities Names Australia’s Adelaide As The Music City
BY Colin

Adelaide, a city known for its creativity and deep-rooted music culture, has been named as the music City by the UNESCO's creative cities forum. It's the only city from Australia to have been honored with the music city status. Australia already has Melbourne and Sydney...

Bringing Australian Indigenous Musicians to The Front
BY Colin

Many musical genres are famous and popular in Australia and the rest of the world. For a long time, pop music, rock, and hip hop have dominated the majority of the music scene. However, Australian music is becoming more and more diverse and explosive in...